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Opportunities for Current Students

Aisle walked. Diploma received. Cap tossed.

Whether your degree is in hand (congrats!), or you have graduation in your sights (hang in there!), we think you should consider taking your next big step at Progressive. Sure, we may seem a bit biased... but here’s why.

It’s the ideal place to get started

As one of the country's largest insurance companies, our growth is the product of all our 26,000-plus employees' efforts and dedication. You'll have the opportunity to contribute and shine from day one. You'll also get support from your co-workers, peers, supervisor, and management team.

It’s a place to get the professional guidance and support you need

As a Progressive employee, you’re valuable to us, from your first day all the way to your 20th anniversary. That’s why we invest the time and energy to help you:

  • Identify your interests
  • Outline a career path
  • Build your network of peers
  • Explore available jobs
  • Enhance your skillset
  • Develop into a leader
  • Exceed your potential

It’s a place to get your foot, and then an arm and a leg, in the door

Look for openings for current and recent grads in Information Technology, Claims and Corporate. You'll also find internships that can lead to full-time positions, our accounting rotation program and full-time positions for recent graduates.

And, see if Progressive will be at an upcoming on-campus event at a school near you.

Find a job you'll love

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