We are Progressive
Glenn Renwick
CEO Glenn Renwick

We’re proud of Progressive’s history and excited by our future. Every day, we try to be progressive and live up to our name by making things a little bit better.

In 2012, we celebrated our 75th anniversary, reflecting a history of innovation, transparency, and trying to do the right things—for our employees, our customers, our business partners, our communities and our industry.

The future holds tremendous promise for the growth of our business and industry, and we’re excited to be a leader shaping this future.

We work hard and do our jobs well; we also work together to help make our world a better place. As in past reports, we’re highlighting just a few of those inspiring efforts, along with progress on some broader, companywide initiatives aimed at being socially responsible.

There are, of course, times when we’re humbled by our limitations. While we try to do the right thing, sometimes we may misstep. However, we’re continuously guided by our Core Values, which encourage us to risk, learn and grow.

All of this—the history, the promise, the progress, the values and the willingness to grow—make us Progressive.

Glenn Renwick
CEO and President