Boats We Insure

We insure more types of boats than just about any other insurer

As long as your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) is not valued at more than $350,000 or longer than 50 feet, we’ll most likely insure it. Usually, it’s as simple as that. We do have some limitations described below. Just get a boat insurance quote and select your type. If it’s not listed call us at 1-855-347-3939, and we’ll do what we can to get you covered.

Common types of boats and PWCs we insure


These are the most popular type of boat. Powerboats are used for fishing, cruising, pleasure activities, water sports, etc. See more on powerboat insurance.


Boats that use at least one sail for power but may also have a motor for an additional power source. Insurance for a sailboat without a motor may be a bit more affordable. See more on sailboat insurance.


These are usually much larger boats that are designed for slower movement and have full kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other common areas. When choosing your houseboat insurance protection, consider our coverage for carry-on items. This will insure your cell phones, clothes or other personal property on board up to $5,000. Houseboats used as a primary residence cannot be insured on your boat policy.

Bass and fishing boats

These typically include modifications/features designed for fishing, such as trolling motors, power poles, fish finders, etc. See more on bass boat insurance.

Pontoon boats

These boats are built on pontoons (usually hollow metal cylinders) with flat surfaces to walk or sit on. Many pontoons are designed for slow movement on inland lakes and rivers. See more on pontoon insurance.

Personal watercraft

Common PWCs include Jet Skis, Sea Doos, Waverunners or similar vessels usually for one to three people. See more on PWC insurance.

Insurance limitations for boats and PWCs

Overall, we have very broad acceptability for what we insure. But we do have some limits:

  • Boats over 50 feet in length or worth more than $350k in value
  • Boats 11-20 years old can be insured for up to $250k
  • Boats more than 20 years old can be insured for up to $40k
  • Note: that in some hurricane-prone states, the limits can be 35 feet and $175,000 in value
  • PWCs worth more than $27,000
  • Boats with max speed exceeding 75 mph (or bass boats up to 90 mph)
  • Boats that do not meet published U.S. Coast Guard standards
  • Boats used as a primary residence (Live Aboards)
  • All amphibious land boats, hovercraft or airboats
  • Homemade boats without a serial number
  • Houseboats that do not have motors
  • Boats with more than two owners
  • Steel or wood hulls