Homeshare Insurance

Offering a short-term rental? Get coverage for $8/night.*

Coverage when you need it. Not when you don’t.

If you rent your home or rooms in your home through a service provider (such as Airbnb, HomeAway®, VRBO®, onefinestay, or FlipKey®), you may have a coverage gap. Many homeowners policies don’t cover homesharing and neither do many service providers.

Progressive Homeshare insurance by Slice can help fill that coverage gap. You get what you need when you need it: protection for your home, valuables, and homeshare business that you can turn on and off. That way, your policy is only active and you only have to pay for the days you request it, and not the rest of the year when you don’t.

This is a great insurance choice when you’re hosting short-term rentals and don’t have landlord insurance or other applicable coverage.

Advantages of homeshare insurance

  • Pay-per-use — Choose the days you want coverage, like only when your place is booked. Policies are offered for just one night and all the way up to a maximum stay of 45 consecutive nights.
  • Comprehensive — Covers property and liability as well as many other areas with 18 tailor-made coverages for homeshare that many homeowners insurance policies or service providers do not. Coverages described in detail below.
  • Personal protection — It’s the type of protection that many service providers recommend for homeshare hosts.
  • Fast + easy — You can file a claim online, with same-day resolution in many cases.

Progressive Homeshare insurance by Slice costs less than $8/night on average*

How Progressive Homeshare insurance by Slice works

Sign up online for free

You can sign up in minutes. Just enter a few details, and then you can see how much it will cost to get coverage per night.

Choose the dates that you want coverage

Select the dates when you want coverage, and you’ll only pay for those nights. No waiting! You can get coverage the very same day.

Make your payment

That’s it! There’s no paperwork to sign or file. After you pay, your policy will be in your name (not your service provider’s) and saved by Slice in your account.

What Progressive Homeshare Insurance by Slice covers

Belongings, liability, and medical payments coverages are included. Plus, you get 18 coverages specific for homeshare. And the best part is that 16 of these coverages do not have a deductible.

Specialty homeshare insurance coverages

Loss of income

This benefit will replace the income you lose when you can’t rent your house while it's being repaired after a covered claim.

Excess use of utilities

Worried that a guest will download hundreds of GBs of data while at your home, causing your internet bill to skyrocket? This coverage will pay for that, up to $1,000 for all utilities combined.


If a guest brings in a pest such as bed bugs, this will pay up to $5,000 for fumigation and to replace damaged property, including mattresses.

Liquor liability coverage

What if your guest over-serves alcohol or serves to a minor? If that happens at your place, this will cover your liability for any resulting injuries or property damage, up to $500,000.

Identity theft

If you're the victim of ID fraud, we’ll pay for the expenses necessary to correct records and monitor your credit.

Standard insurance coverages

These apply if you're found responsible (also called liable) for damages.


This protects you for liability for bodily injury to others or damage to their property, including the cost to defend you in court. There is no deductible for any claims under the Liability section of the policy. For example, if you don’t properly repair your steps and a guest trips, this will cover you if you’re found liable.

Your belongings

Your personal property inside your home is covered, from your silverware, to your furniture, to your flat-screen TV, and more.

Medical payments

We hope you’ll always be safe. But if a guest causes injury to you, this coverage will pay up to $10,000 for your medical expenses.