Insurance Analyst Program

You love math.

We do, too.

And, math makes insurance go.

So, you'll feel right at home ... with an analyst internship or full-time position at Progressive.

You'll find both full-time positions and internships in the following, math-loving roles:

  • Pricing Analysts—"Forecasters" who use analytical, investigative, problem-solving and team-building skills to evaluate market trends, implement insurance pricing options and recommend rate adjustments.
  • Comparison Rating Analysts—"Utility Players" who influence pricing, market research, Web page design and IT to make sure Progressive's comparison rating tool keeps its competitive edge.
  • Actuarial Analysts—"Clairvoyants" who apply and build strong analytical and statistical skills to predict ultimate claims payouts … all while receiving study time for actuarial exams.
  • Analyst Development Program (ADP)—"Protégés" who gain valuable experience working with veteran analysts involved in loss reserving, pricing, internal reporting and business unit control. This is a full-time rotational program.
  • Data Analysts—"Storytellers" who use programming and quantitative skills to write queries, gather data into Excel or SAS, and manipulate data to identify trends for various business groups. You will be telling the story behind the data and working closely with your team to prepare it for presentation to business partners.
  • Research & Development Analysts—"Innovators" who look at data for proposed products to understand their potential and impact on our company; and help determine how a product could work, be priced and be improved.

I interned here and came to realize that Progressive would be a great place to jumpstart and grow my actuarial career.

  • Estella T., Actuarial Analyst

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