You'll have the resources you need to get—and stay—healthy.

Medical benefits

Your health—and your family's health—are important. That's why Progressive offers health care that's as comprehensive and affordable as possible, along with tools to help you choose the best options for you and your family.

  • Medical plan options—Choose the plan with the deductibles, premiums, and features that best meets your needs.
  • Dental and vision plans—Take advantage of our comprehensive dental and vision plans, including free preventive care.
  • Health care flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts—Save by setting aside pretax money from every paycheck for eligible health care expenses.
  • Benefits planning tools—Access a variety of planning tools to help you decide which benefits are right for you.

Staying healthy

Whether you're a committed athlete, or just need help getting started on a fitness program, you can get support to reach your goals.

  • Progressive Health Services—Visit the health clinics at our larger locations. They're staffed with experienced providers who are accredited and credentialed in their fields.
  • Fitness centers—Take advantage of a variety of fitness equipment and services, like group classes, studio training, personal training and free fitness screenings, all led by nationally certified personal trainers and fitness instructors.
  • Health incentives—Engage in incentives designed to improve your health and save you money, including fitness center and Weight Watchers®reimbursements.
  • Wellness programs—Monitor your health with services like free onsite health screenings, flu shots and mammography screenings.
  • Healthy workplace amenities—Make your work environment as healthy as possible with ergonomic work stations, fresh food and many other amenities.

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