Business Analysis

We love math. Do you?

Love math? Do you dream algorithms? Do pivot tables make your heart pump faster?

You know who you are. Welcome home.

We're an insurance company. We love—simply love—math.

And there's no better way to apply a love of math than to be in an analytical role at Progressive.

Our analysts are key players in every part of the business, from corporate accounting to claims forecasting to product development.

We. Analyze. Everything.

Our analysts “see the future.” They model, they forecast, they even predict catastrophic events. They make our products—and our status as an industry leader—even stronger.

Math = Power

This place is crawling with math lovers. They benefit from a peer-run professional group that supports career development … and their love of math.

Roles include data analysts, pricing analysts, product analysts, accountants, actuaries, data scientists, marketing process analysts, and R&D analysts

I love that I am given the chance to expand beyond the traditional analyst role and stretch into new areas as I feel I’m ready for a new challenge.

  • Melissa Graham, Data Analyst III

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