Colorado Springs

Hardly anyone denies that Colorado Springs, Colo., is our most beautiful office location.

Look forward to coming to work

Employees enjoy breathtaking views out of the two-story picture window that makes up the west wall of the cafeteria. They see the snow-capped Rockies, Pike's Peak and even the spires of the United States Air Force Academy's famous cathedral.

The office is near the scenic Garden of the Gods and a short drive to the Pueblo Reservoir. Popular off-hour activities include cycling, hiking and horseback riding.

When they're not enjoying the views and activities, employees take advantage of the onsite fitness center, health services and career center.

At the career center, employees investigate career paths, talk to members of the career growth and development committees, see job postings and get information about surrounding colleges.

The air is thin, the atmosphere is creative

Like all Progressive offices, Colorado Springs boasts a wide variety of selections from Progressive's Art Collection. The art helps foster a spirit of creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Exactly what goes on here?

The office is our No. 2 Information Technology (IT) hub and a customer service center. It's home to IT analysts, programmers, developers, managers and plant engineers. They work alongside sales and customer service representatives.

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Fast Facts

  • Nearly 2,000 employees
  • Onsite amenities: health services, fitness center, cafeteria, quiet rooms
  • Employee resources: career center
  • Positions offered: IT, call center

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