Employee Resource Groups

Progressive's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are independent, voluntary associations. They're “grassroots” organizations started by employees with common interests or backgrounds, but that are open to all.

They‘re resources for assisting personal development and providing additional communication opportunities among individuals, outside community resources and company leadership. They also promote an inclusive workplace by helping create and maintain a supportive, open environment—free from harassment and discrimination—and allowing all employees to contribute to their fullest potential.

I began as a Claims rep nine years ago, unsure of where this job would lead. As I became clearer on my talents and passions, I found ways to develop and grow in my career that fulfilled me personally and professionally. Now I use my skills as a facilitator and my passion for helping people learn both in my role as a Claims trainer and in my involvement in the Diversity and Inclusion initiative at Progressive, a perfect fit for me!
– Dani Beale, Senior Trainer

Employee Resource Groups at Progressive:

  • Latin America Networking Association
  • Network of Empowered Women
  • African American Network
  • Asian American Network
  • Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Network
  • Military Network
  • Young Professionals Network
  • Disabilities Awareness Network

Employee Events

We have a fun and interactive culture that lends itself well to celebrating different cultures and customs. Our ERGs take the lead on helping our employees learn about each other through events like:

  • Dance for Diwali—To recognize one of the most important holidays of the year in India, our Asian American Network (AA.Net) hosts a special Diwali luncheon. Known as the “festival of lights,” this holiday celebrates peace, knowledge and good health. And yes, some employees even dance.
  • Chinese New Year—For the start of the Year of the Rabbit, the Asian American Network (AA.Net) hosted a lunchtime celebration and shared Chinese delicacies with co-workers.
  • Black History Month—Progressive's African American Network (PAAN) celebrated Black History Month with family in mind by throwing a “family reunion” in Cleveland and Tampa, holding a cooking and baking contest and sharing family photos, stories and recipes.
  • National Speaker Series—The Network of Empowered Women (NEW) hosted a series of one-hour long discussion sessions designed to help attendees build and cultivate skills in business and networking.

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