Progressive's Diversity Statement

Our people are our greatest asset.

The makeup of the country, and the universe of customers we're privileged to serve, continues to change. People with different ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, gender or experience backgrounds bring important perspectives to Progressive's challenges and business thinking. To continue to be a learning, growing and profitable organization, we must meet the needs of our customer base, which means we must attract and retain a greater diversity of employees who contribute to and challenge our traditional way of thinking.

A critical part of making Progressive a Great Place to Work is each of us understanding and welcoming differences and similarities in each other. Having everyone who works here feel like they are part of one great community, Progressive, is crucial to sustaining our unique culture. This is also consistent with our Core Values.

We’re better when we work with people that have different backgrounds, ways of thinking and life experiences. Hiring people who bring added diversity to our workforce is an important dimension to our future. We will all benefit, and so will our customers and shareholders.

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