Finance and Accounting

A passion for numbers

Our Corporate Finance and Accounting group manages every aspect of our overall financial operations.

It boasts of some of the best financial minds in our industry (we think our business results attest to that).

And, it's a group that finds fun ways to share its passion for numbers. A recent tradition has been the annual celebration of “PI(E)” day each March 14. It's just the team's way to take a little break and communicate its love of this favorite irrational number.

So, if you have a passion for numbers and are looking for a financially stable company where you can contribute, this is the place for you.

Roles include: accountants, tax accountants, accounts payable coordinators, cash control specialists, auditors, corporate examiners, tax reporting specialists and treasury analysts.

Progressive does not have the traditional corporate work environment. No matter what your level is, everyone is willing to get to know you and help you out.

  • Sarah C., Finance Fraud Specialist

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