Human Resources

Talented people helping talented people

People come from all over the world to work at Progressive.

The best and brightest talent … people who want to take risks, learn and grow.

So when they join us, they expect a little more than just the ordinary, nine-to-five grind.

They expect a great place to work. And they get it.

One of the big reasons they get a great place is the dedicated work of our Human Resources team.

Our team cultivates an environment where anyone with the drive to succeed, can succeed.

Team members flex their professional skills in so many ways: From designing companywide programs … to working with teams to maximize their capabilities … to helping individuals plan out their careers.

Our HR representatives can choose from a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Roles include: HR consultants, HR managers, HR project specialists, HR business systems consultants, recruiters, candidate developers, benefits specialists and compensation analysts.

Progressive is fair, open and honest, and you are rewarded for the work that you put into your job every day.

  • John R., HR Consultant

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