Information Technology

A technology company that sells insurance

Progressive's been called “a technology company that sells insurance.”

It's no wonder why.

Almost everything that happens here, happens with help from our information technology team.

From the rows of servers in our data centers to the smartphones around the world with a Progressive mobile app, technology is the backbone of this place. The base of the pyramid. The trunk of the tree.

And this place is crawling with code-crunching, application-developing, project-managing, bug-fixing techno-superstars.

It's a utopia for technology.

It's “Tech-Topia.”

We're thousands of miles from Silicon Valley. But we think there's no better place to launch, accelerate and kick a technology career into hyperdrive.

Roles include: application programmers, project managers, IT managers, IT architects, process analysts, quality assurance analysts, IT consultants, systems test engineers and PC technicians.

I am presented with new challenges to make things better by not only solving problems but implementing preventative measures to maintain high quality software.

  • Rayshawn E., IT Applications Programmer

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