More legal ... less corporate

"Corporate legal."

The very phrase evokes images of grey business suits, stuffy offices and humorless attorneys.

Well, our Legal team does things a little differently.

Suits? Save ‘em for the courtroom. Our team comes to the office in khakis.

Stuffy offices? Forget it. Our offices feature one of the country's leading modern art collections (The Progressive Art Collection).

Humorless? Ha! This team plays as hard as it works.

The 400 law professionals on our corporate and house counsel teams are our guardians-trusted advisors to the business. Their roles are as essential as they are ever-evolving.

They do everything from defending policyholders after accidents to handling real estate transactions to managing our intellectual property portfolio.

If you love the law, but not the stereotypical corporate environment, check out what Progressive has to offer.

Roles include: claims attorneys, corporate attorneys, corporate paralegals, legal assistants, law clerks, licensing process specialists, managing attorneys and record retention specialists.

Litigation has been my life for the past 6 years and it never gets old. Every day brings a new challenge in my career which I enjoy tackling.

  • Stacy C., Corporate Paralegal

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