Product & Process Management

A little slice of entrepreneurial heaven

Each of our product and process managers is an in-house entrepreneur, leading our business within a state, or leading a key business function.

Each is charged with designing and executing business plans that help us meet our goals.

At its core, it's really that simple.

How those managers get it done is up to them.

Some days, it's about working with insurance regulators to make sure Progressive's business practices stay happily aligned with state law.

Some days, it's about helping our independent agents grow by using Progressive resources.

Some days, it's about working with internal teams like analysts, claims or marketing-or just improving processes-to build profits, limit losses and forge even stronger connections with customers.

It's all here: entrepreneurial opportunities with the stability and resources of one of the country's largest and fastest growing insurers.

Looking for your little slice of heaven? Look no further than Progressive.

Roles include: product managers, product development managers, marketing process managers, national pricing leader, national product development leader and mobile business leader.

I love Progressive because I get to work alongside smart, hard-working colleagues on challenging and fulfilling projects.

  • Mireille W., Strategic Account Manager

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