Progressive® Insurance 2014 Year in Claims Report: Boat

Nov 24th, 2015

Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day are the trifecta of summer holidays, when people enjoy long weekends, lingering sunsets, and optimal time on the water. But beware—Progressive saw more boat claims July 4 – 6 than any other three-day period in 2014. July was also the busiest month for boat claims.

“People look out on the water and, in most cases, feel a sense of calm and serenity that makes boating so appealing in the first place,” said Progressive Boat Product Manager Rick Stern. “When you look out at a busy highway, you understand the need to drive safely, but being vigilant on the water is just as important. On-water collisions are not nearly as uncommon as you might think. That’s why boat insurance is so important, even though it’s not legally required in most states.”

Detailed list of individual data below.

Top claims by type

  1. On water
  2. Wind

Top months for claims

  1. July
  2. June
  3. August
  4. May
  5. September
  6. April
  7. October
  8. March
  9. February
  10. November
  11. January
  12. December

Claims by day of week

  1. Saturday
  2. Sunday
  3. Friday
  4. Monday
  5. Thursday
  6. Wednesday
  7. Tuesday

Top days for boat claims

  1. July 5
  2. July 4
  3. July 6
  4. July 26
  5. May 24