​Using big data to shrink accident numbers

Help make the roads and waterways safer with our claims insight

You probably don’t think much about “big data” when you drive; you’re just pressing the gas and turning the wheel. Fact is you can learn a lot from data—things that can help you avoid accidents and stay safe.

In our 2014 Year in Claims Report, we’re sharing our insurance claims data—in ways that are easy for everyone to understand.

The report takes a look at auto, boat, commercial lines, and motorcycle data.  A few noteworthy items include:

  • Rear-end accidents took the top spot for auto insurance claims. Given this, you might consider thinking twice before following the person in front of you too closely.
  • The Fourth of July weekend was particularly dangerous for boaters in 2014, with the top three days for boat insurance claims being July 5, July 4, and July 6. It’s a good reminder that boaters should be more cautious on busy summer weekends, especially that holiday.
  • The weekend might seem like a more dangerous time to be on the road. However, more claims occurred on each of the weekdays than on Saturday or Sunday. Be extra vigilant when commuting in the morning and afternoon.

For a more detailed breakdown of each line of business, visit the links below.