2017 trends for revitalizing your home with pillows 

Transforming your space with pillows

The warmth of spring has finally arrived, and with it all the rejuvenation of a world turned green again. For many of us, seeing our homes in the new light of a new season gives us a taste for something different in our living spaces. At first, the urge for a spring redesign starts with the temptation to change everything. But in fact, one small change might just be all you need.

Pillows are without a doubt one of the most versatile and useful elements of home decor, and they are the perfect place to start when planning a new look for spring. Pillows can carry a big amount of color and pattern making them, easily, the center of attention in just about any space. Pillows are also highly portable and relatively inexpensive, meaning that they are easier than most things to move around or switch out to fit the look you want. Put the two together and you’ve got the perfect one-step way to completely change your room. And we’ve got the top trends for this year, highlighting ways to use pillows to give your space the spring makeover it deserves.


Geometric patterns continue to be on trend for home textiles. 2017 sees that trend continuing to go strong with a variety of pillows featuring heavy doses of pattern. The beauty of geometrics is that they create an instant moment of visual interest that can liven up any room. And when used in combination, they can create a sophisticated interweaving of patterns that, when combined with color, can make a room look both elegant and energetic.

In this space, geometric patterns of all sizes come out to play. The large diamond pattern of the rug is echoed by the softer ikat print on the floor pillow, and is accentuated by the energetic diagonal geometric of the pillow on the sofa. When mixing patterns at home, look for ways to play with scale by including patterns of different sizes throughout the space. Choose patterns that are similar enough to echo each other without being exactly the same. Finally, keep an eye on how much pattern you’re using to make sure that things don’t go overboard.

Global Patterns

Global patterns are another growing trend that will be making an appearance in many homes this spring. Textiles are one of the oldest human crafts and people have been developing patterns around the world for centuries. Some, like stripes and chevrons, appear in just about every culture, while more sophisticated patterns like Congolese kuba cloth and Central Asian suzani patterns are specific to certain regions and people.

Here we see a combination of cultures and colors in this inviting pillow display. The colorful pillows here come from several cultures. A cushion by the Hmong people of southern China is mixed with Moroccan pieces, while the pillow featuring the silhouette of a woman with an Afro is a distinctly African American cultural reference. Pillows and other patterned textiles are a wonderful way to make a cultural statement in a space. Look for patterns that reflect your own culture, your travels or places you dream of going to ensure that your space is one that you connect with on many levels.

Moody Grays

Everyone’s favorite neutral shade, gray, is discovering a whole new side of life in a variety of different hues, often with undertones of lilac, pink and blue, the moodier the gray the better these days. From paint shades to furniture upholstery, gray is going to be making a lot of subtle appearances in 2017, especially as a middle ground in homes with strong black and white color color combinations. On pillows, pair a dark gray with a bold pattern to create a strong visual moment that doesn’t overwhelm the room with color. And if you enjoy mixing several different patterns, like the mesmerizing sofa display seen in this room, a strong neutral color like gray is perfect for connecting different patterns in a way that blends them together seamlessly.


On the other end of the color scale, metallic colors are a growing trend in pillows and are a sure way to brighten up your spaces for spring. Metallics have the power to bring in a bright, beautiful element to every space. As a textile accessory, metallic throw pillows will look great against any dark sofa or seating.

In this space, a rustic farm bench is given a whole new look with a long, gold, metallic bolster. With light and dark neutrals covering the walls, floors, seating and window treatments the gold color of this pillow really shines. Best of all, it amplifies the warm metallic of the side table, adding a bright and inviting element to this nook. It’s a testament that just one good pillow can make a statement in a space.


Pink is a growing trend that is defying all the odds. When the trend first started to appear a few years ago, most expected it to be short lived. However, pink is still going strong in 2017 and only looks to become more widespread as the year enters its warmer months.

Pink is at the head of a pack of colors being hailed as the “new neutrals.” When used in lighter tones, pink creates a soft, stress-free backdrop for a room. The color’s more vibrant shades, however, are still reserved for those pops of color that complete a room and define its style. This stunning toile pattern in varying shades of pink is the perfect piece for combining pattern and color to take your space in a whole new direction.

Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns is one of the most advanced approaches a designer can take to defining a room. But with pillows this difficult trick becomes much simpler. Pillows make it easy to bring different patterns and scales together as your create a color story for a room in your home. This bedroom is awash in patterns that both accentuate and complement each other all through the clever combination of pillows used on the bed.

The tight geometric patterns on the floor and bedding are both echoed in the geometric pillows. For a play with scale, densely patterned pieces are interspersed with sparser patterns that include more white space as a way of breaking things up to give the eye a place to rest. Inspiration has been taken from other decorative elements in the room, including the flooring and bedding. The relationship in pattern, color and scale creates a seamless mix.

Images courtesy of AphroChic. All rights reserved.