7 tech must-haves for a beach getaway

Vacations can be wonderful opportunities to escape from our regular routines. While you want to pack just what you need for your time away, these seven essential gadgets will help you make the most of your time on a beach getaway:

1. Waterproof camera

While you can rely on your phone to take photos, having a dedicated waterproof camera will help you properly document your trip. Use it to capture time spent on land, fun in the ocean and video of the incredible creatures living below the ocean’s surface during snorkeling and scuba diving trips. Just be sure to attach a flotation device to it because even though the camera is waterproof, it doesn’t mean it floats! Don’t lose your precious memories to the ocean currents or the sea floor below.

2. Phone case to protect your smartphone from the elements

It’s ideal to unplug to enjoy some rest and relaxation during your beach getaway, but if you think you’ll want to have your phone with you, it’s wise to invest in a case that will protect it from the elements. Grains of sand and salt water can quickly destroy your phone and no one wants to return home to the extra expense of replacing a cell phone.

3. Bluetooth® speaker

If you’re bringing your phone to the beach loaded with music, pack a small Bluetooth speaker to stream your favorite songs while soaking up the sun, playing beach volleyball, building epic sand castles or enjoying a bonfire as the sun sets. Just be sure to be considerate of those around you by keeping the volume in check!

4. Sports earbuds

If you prefer a more personal listening experience, sports earbuds are the way to go. These sweatproof styles tend to be more water resistant than other models. Since earbuds are ultra-compact, their space-saving design makes them easy to travel with and throw in your beach bag. Shop for styles with tangle-free cords so you can be relaxing with your favorite music faster.

5. eReader

If your idea of a getaway involves diving into your reading list while relaxing in a hammock, on a lounge chair by the pool or on a towel on the sand, pack an eReader. Try to pack one with light-sensing technology that can adjust according to light conditions; glass tablet screens tend to be difficult to read under bright conditions due to glare.

6. USB surge protector

There are never enough outlets in a hotel room for devices, so pack your own USB surge protector. With the outlets and USB ports, you’ll be able to ensure that all your gadgets have a good charge for a day at the beach.

7. Method for monitoring UV exposure

Even though the sun provides a healthy dose of vitamin D, overexposure to UV rays can be damaging to your skin. Keep an eye on your UV exposure with sun exposure trackers that measure UVA/UVB to help you avoid a sunburn. There are disposable wristbands, apps and sunscreens with lids that change color when you’ve hit your limit, and some fitness wearables have this functionality built into the devices.

Even though you only want to pack what you need for any vacation, these seven items will help you properly document your trip, protect and charge your gadgets, and ensure that you returned from your beach getaway relaxed, refreshed and sunburn-free!