3 questions to ask before buying an ATV

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Whether you’re dipping your toes in the water with a used purchase, or diving in the deep end with a brand new model, acquiring an ATV is a big decision.

Wondering if you should really be doing this? These three questions can help you discover the answer. You and any other person who will be sharing ownership responsibilities should answer these.

1. Do I know everything I possibly can about this thing?

Though off-road vehicles haven’t reached the level of available historical knowledge that cars have (those seem to be an online search away nowadays), it’s still worth trying to figure out everything you can about a used ATV before you decide to purchase.

If you’re buying new, make an effort to compare ATV models to find the best value for your needs and wants.

Learn as much as you can and you’ll have a leg up with a dealership, too. Expressing some knowledge will show that you’re educated, know what you want, and would rather avoid any back-and-forth negotiating.

2. Can I be covered if something happens?

ATVs can be dangerous. That much is known. You’re taking a risk owning and driving one, and should know the liability standards of such an ownership.

What if someone else is riding your ATV and gets hurt? What if you damage your ATV because of someone else’s recklessness? Are you ready, willing, and able to make sure you’re covered by insurance and any other means necessary to own one of these?

3. Am I responsible enough to own one of these?

Notice we mentioned being responsible enough to own, not just ride an ATV. There’s a difference there.

Maintenance, care, transport, and longevity of an ATV should all be taken into consideration. Don’t get caught up in something you just aren’t ready for, or have the time for.

It’s a commitment, and one that should be taken seriously.

Once you know the answer to those questions, the real fun can begin.

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