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3 easy off roading safety measures

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You need to know these safety reminders for off-roading, no matter what sort of adventure you have in store.

We don’t want to be bleak, but lives are truly on the line if you don’t take ATV safety seriously. This includes your life, as well as others you may encounter off-roading.

Button up. Pay attention. And commit these three tips to memory when it comes to off-road safety.

1. Fight the urge

Yes, your new ATV is awesome. And yes, it’s made to “blaze a trail” and “take on any terrain,” if the advertisements have anything to say about it.

But to be realistic, you’re only going to regret decisions like “I should veer off the trail here,” or ”He did it; I can do it, too!”

 Trails are there for a reason. You’re running the risk of damaging your ATV, not to mention the surrounding trail environment, if you go where you aren’t supposed to.

It’s a mentality shift that’s perhaps hard to make, but commit to making it now and keeping it in the future.

2. Safety first

Maybe you’ve added a few accessories to your off-road vehicle, but did you consider the obvious?

Safety item checklist:

  • first-aid kit
  • communication device
  • tow strap
  • hand winch
  • shovel
  • water filtration device
  • survival snacks
  • easy to build, packable shelters
  • utility knife

3. Speak up, with detail

This one is the easiest, but probably the most overlooked. Tell someone where you’re going, and how long you’ll be there.

Make it simple and send a text message or e-mail, alongside a phone call, so that you put the plans down in writing and verbally commit the arrangements to your contact’s memory.

“Hey dad, I texted you the details, but I’m going to the trails outside of town with Tommy and Ben. We’ll probably be out until dark. Love you, check you later.”

It’s that easy.

If these three methods can’t be burned into your brain, off-roading isn’t going to be nearly as fun as it could be. Follow these simple safety rules, and there’s no doubt you’ll still manage to have a good time.

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