5 appliances to stock in your RV

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Stocking the RV can be a tricky process. On the one hand, we want to have all the comforts of home while at the campground. On the other hand, small spaces can get cluttered and uncomfortable if we don’t make good choices about what we pack.

Finding a balance is key, and we make sure to keep items that we use often and get rid of anything that takes up space without pulling its weight. Here are our top 5 favorite appliances that have earned their keep in our family on RV trip after RV trip.

1. Blender

We use our blender almost every single day when traveling in the RV. We prepare smoothies and juices for breakfast, soups for dinner, and homemade dressings for our salads. Then, of course, there is the added benefit of enjoying icy beverages on warm, summer days.

2. Slow cooker or instapot

The slow cooker is not just for cozy winter meals. It is also a great way to prepare dinner while you are busy enjoying your RV vacation. Our boys love pulled pork, taco meat, and Hawaiian chicken. We also use it for nutritious oatmeal breakfasts and yummy fruit cobbler desserts. The Instapot is a combinations slow cooker and pressure cooker, and has become a recent favorite in our RV kitchen.

3. Coffee grinder

The easiest way to make a better cup of coffee is to grind the beans right before brewing. Sure, there are hand grinders out there, but we are lazy and love our electric burr grinder.

4. Electric griddle

If you are like the majority of RV owners, most of your camping nights will be spent plugged into shore power at the campground. Why use your own propane when you can use the campground electricity to make your pancakes and bacon in the morning? Most RVs have exterior outlets, and we love cooking breakfast outside on our electric griddle. It’s also perfect for grilled cheese and quesadillas.

5. Ice machine

At first we thought this was a silly appliance to bring along on an RV trip. Then, after years of buying bags of ice and fighting with small ice cube freezer trays, we saw the light. Our portable ice machine was the star of the show this past summer, and provided plenty of cold drinks both for our own family and many of our friends as well. Now we wouldn’t dream of hitting the road without it.

We use these five appliances on a regular, if not daily, basis when traveling in our RV, and they are definitely worth the space they take up in the cabinets and on the counter. Our camper is our home away from home, and these gadgets make it a very comfortable place to be.

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