How to store shoes in your RV

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With travel comes unpredictable weather, meaning you’ll need to bring at least a couple pairs of shoes on your next RV adventure. This is especially true if you’ll be enjoying a variety of activities, plan to explore areas for an extended amount of time, or will be experiencing a variety of climates. And if shoes are your weakness, or you plan to travel with your spouse or family, figuring out a way to stash said shoes can be somewhat of a challenge.

Chances are, you’ll want to store shoes near the entry rather than track mud and dirt throughout your home on wheels. Unfortunately, most RV entry areas leave much to be desired, especially when it comes to space or storage. However, there are solutions to help keep your shoes organized, despite a lack of square footage. Here are some clever shoe storage ideas for your RV.

1. Hooks

Hooks may be one of the easiest systems you can implement in your RV to store shoes. We added hooks along the side of our stairs, and on one end of our sofa (which is made of wood). Not only does having a dedicated space for our shoes make them easy to find, but it makes putting them away as easy as hanging them up once we come inside. The best part is the hooks are installed in “dead zones,” meaning they take advantage of areas that otherwise wouldn’t be utilized, resulting in more space. I’ve even seen RVers slide Z-hooks over the grab bar on the door, and hang shoes from those. If your RV has this bar, this may be another option to consider.

When it comes to hanging hooks, you can install them vertically or horizontally, so be sure to consider any “dead zones” you may have near the door or close to it. You can also have fun with the style of hooks you install, so they bring not only function but show off your personality and style. You can use peg hooks for a simple, minimalist approach. Peg hooks also lend themselves to hanging boots upside down. And if you’re extremely limited on space, hanging a tote bag on a hook allows you to stash several pairs of flip flops or sneakers in one place.

If you need additional storage away from the door, Z-hooks can be placed around your RV bedframe to hang footwear used less often. Similar to hooks, rails (or even extremely long cabinet pulls) can be used in the same way.

2. Hidden storage

If you have an abundance of shoes, consider keeping only those being used most frequently near the door and stashing extras under the bed, sofa, or in the closet. Depending on the space you have near the entryway, or elsewhere in your RV, you may be able to squeeze a super-slim cabinet, such as the Ikea Trones shoe storage cabinet. Not only are these cabinets lightweight, narrow, and shallow, but they can be stacked or mounted to a wall, and include a recessed area on top that can hold keys or sunglasses. And if you’re traveling during the winter, these types of cabinets can store more than shoes, including scarves and gloves.

Another way to take advantage of hidden storage is to store shoes inside fabric under-the-bed organizers or stylish furnishings such as ottomans or benches. And if you have “dead space” underneath your sofa, you may be able to fill pretty baskets with shoes and slide them underneath, making them easy to access and put away. If that’s not an option, keeping a stylish basket for shoes near the door is yet another convenient, clutter-free option.

3. Suspended storage

An inexpensive way to organize shoes in your RV is through a suspended solution using cargo netting, bungee cords, or rope. This creates a “pocket” to slide your shoes through, whether that’s on a wall or along a solid surface, such as a piece of furniture.

You can purchase cargo netting or net pockets in a variety of sizes, but can also customize them to fit a specific area of your RV. If you’re working with tight quarters and funky dimensions, creating a suspension pocket from rope or bungee cords is also easily customizable. You can do this by horizontally hanging the looped edges of bungee cords or rope on eye hooks. For best results, you may want to create two to three rows and make sure they are nice and taught, but loose enough to fit shoes through.

Regardless of your shoe storage dilemma, there’s likely a creative solution available that will fit your needs. Sometimes it simply comes down to choosing which solution works best for you, both functionally and aesthetically. If you’re looking for more RV shoe storage ideas, specialty shoe retailers can be a great resource to take cues from, or you can visit our Pinterest board for additional small space hacks.

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