Fall fun at the campground

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Autumn used to be a time when things got quiet around the campground. Kids were back in school and summer vacation was a distant memory. But over the last few years, Halloween-themed weekends and fall festivals have gained popularity. Now it’s not uncommon for campgrounds to be fully booked in the months of September and October.

Here are four fun events that might tempt you to book that one last camping weekend this fall.

1. Harvest festivals

Pumpkin painting, apple pie eating contests, and corn mazes are just a few of the harvest-themed activities that appear on the schedule at campgrounds around the country this time of year. Some locations host bobbing for apples tournaments and teach caramel apple making lessons.

2. Tailgating parties

Campgrounds near colleges and universities tap into team pride and host tailgating weekends throughout the fall. Food is usually the star of the show at these parties and RVers love to bring out their portable grills and smokers. Some campgrounds offer special fall seasonal sites, where guests can park their RV in September and leave it there through November, returning on the weekends to rally for their team.

3. Halloween weekends

Halloween at the campground has become a yearly tradition for many RVing families. These themed weekends include haunted hayrides, costume contests, candy bingo, fireside ghost stories, and (of course) trick-or-treating. Many campgrounds run these activities every weekend through the month of October, allowing kids to get the most possible use out of those Halloween costumes.

4. Oktoberfest celebrations

Not interested in trick-or-treating? Search out a campground hosting an Oktoberfest celebration and enjoy German food and beer without venturing far from your RV. Potluck dinners, arts and crafts, traditional games, and even German bands make appearances at campgrounds across the country.

Many RVers consider autumn the best camping season of the year. The fall foliage and weather are definitely spectacular¬†…¬†and so are the fun activities happening at campgrounds. So do a little digging, and find the right place for your fabulous fall RV getaway.

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