Motorcycle road trip

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From Portland we headed back down south to the warmer weather of California and we were joined by our friend Kyle. Kyle had done a lot of camping in California but we were most excited about the opportunity to camp with someone who knew the ropes in Yosemite. We rode from San Francisco to Yosemite on mostly backroads and as such the trip took most of the day, but the journey was well worth it. The best part about traveling through Yosemite on a motorcycle was the ability for us to see absolutely everything.

Had we been in a car the landscapes would have been commanding and beautiful but nothing beats traveling on two wheels.  We camped in Yosemite for the night and awoke to an eerie sight. controlled burns were happening near our campsite so the woods were quite literally on fire. It made for some amazing photos and we had a new admiration for the work park rangers and fire fighters do to keep this park around for generations to come.




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