Motorcycle safety

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Tips for sharing the road

Because bikes are considerably smaller than other vehicles, it’s important that everyone on the road take a few precautions in order to share the road safely.

Here are a few tips to help you:

Behind the handlebars

Suit up

Choose a helmet-the most important piece of safety equipment-that meets Department of Transportation standards. And, wear other protective gear, like a suit or jacket, face shield, goggles, boots and gloves.

Ride sensibly

Know your personal limits and ride at a pace that’s comfortable for you (and within the speed limit).

Build new skills

To help strengthen your riding skills, consider enrolling in motorcycle training courses, like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s RiderCourses, which are available for bikers of all levels.

Behind the wheel

Be aware of others

Stay a safe distance (about three seconds) behind bikes and other vehicles. And, always use turn signals. It communicates your intentions to everyone on the road-and it’s the law.

Limit distractions

Don’t use your mobile phone and avoid other distractions, like eating or personal grooming.

Secure loose cargo

Securely fasten any luggage, bicycles, skis and other cargo you might transport on the outside of your car. And, don’t throw anything out of the window.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

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