Top dog accessories for RV traveling

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RV travel opens up the world of accessible travel for everyone, including our four-legged companions! There’s no reason to leave Fido behind when you start making plans to hit the road. It may seem difficult to travel with dogs, but it’s all about getting yourself, your RV, and your dog prepared for the open road.

We’ve compiled a list of dog accessories that will help you and your pup get rolling!

Veterinary records/certificates

When traveling around for long periods of time with your pet, it’s a good idea to carry copies of their vet records in case there’s ever an emergency in which they have to go to an emergency vet or you need to board them at a facility for a weekend.

If you plan to take your road trip internationally, you’ll need your pet’s shot records at both the Canadian and Mexican border.

Collapsible water and food bowls

These silicone bowls are a huge space saver in an RV or van. Collapsible food bowls fold into themselves and can be slid into a tiny space when not in use. They can even double as water bowls when you take your pup on adventures away from your rig.

LED dog collar

An LED dog collar can give you peace of mind at night while camping in more remote areas. You won’t have to worry about finding a flashlight to track down where your dog is relieving itself. Just turn on their LED collar and you won’t lose sight of them!

Tip: If you don’t want to buy a new collar because the one you have is still in perfectly good condition, you can purchase an LED dog collar charm that clips onto their normal collar. Or you can use a head lamp (headband flashlight) and tie it to the collar.

Tick Comb

We all take precautions during flea and tick season by applying medicine to our pups, but some places are especially tick infested, and it can be hard to know if you’re in those areas until it’s too late. Carrying a normal dog brush and a tick comb is a great way to take extra measures to protect your pup from ticks. A quick comb through your dog’s fur after a day of hiking will be worth it in the long run!

Pet first-aid kits

Anything can happen on the road, especially when you’re spending time outdoors and on adventures with your furry friend. Several stores and online websites carry first-aid kits for pets. These kits come in handy when you’re far from emergency pet clinics while on the road. If you carry one for yourself, why not pack one for your pup too?

Dog backpacks

A backpack for your dog is hardly a necessity, but if you’re planning on taking your dog on a lot of hikes or spending long days away from your RV, it may be helpful to have your dog carry a backpack with their own water, poop bags, tennis ball, and anything else they might need with them.

Tip: If you’re struggling with space in your RV, a dog backpack can help you stay organized. Use it to store extra bandanas or collars so they don’t mysteriously go missing (it’s hard to believe it’s so easy to lose things in such a tiny space!).

Dog life jacket

A life jacket for your dog is another item that isn’t always a necessity, but depending on your recreational activities and adventures, may be a great accessory to have on hand in your RV. You never know when you’ll find yourself on a rafting or kayak tour with your pooch!

Leash stakes

Keeping your dog on leash may be required in different areas of the country. Whether you’re at a campground or in an area with high bear populations, a leash stake will give you a little peace of mind and lets you enjoy camp with your dog without having to hang onto their leash the entire time. We find that this is most useful while camping remotely or on a busy beach.

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