5 reasons we chose Class C RV

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Choosing what size RV you want and need for a comfortable life on the road is one of the most important parts of RV shopping. We started off with a Class B style conversion van for weekend trips, but quickly realized a space that small wouldn’t be realistic if we went full-time. When searching for our future home-on-wheels, we wanted to find an RV that could keep up with our active and constant movement around the country, so we researched a bunch of different sizes and styles of RVs and landed on a Class C mini RV. There were tons of deciding factors before we jumped in, but we had five main reasons we chose Class C.

1. Compact size

We were drawn to how compact, but still spacious, Class C RVs can be. There are several different lengths offered, and we went for the mini size of 22 ft. bumper to bumper. We can still fit in most regular parking spaces, and have no trouble traveling to cities around the U.S.

2, More camping and boondocking options

Although we don’t have 4WD or a ton of clearance on our Class C RV, we’re able to get to many different boondocking sites that a larger motor home may not be able to get to. Whether it’s low-hanging tree branches or narrow paths with tight turns, we’ve made it to numerous campsites off the beaten path.

3. Easy to drive

To most people’s surprise, our Class C RV is incredibly easy to drive and has a great turning radius. At 22 ft. long, the ability to see directly out of our big window in the rear of our RV makes visibility much better than we could’ve imagined. We’re about the size of a pickup truck with an extended bed, but with a little more weight. To us, it doesn’t feel much different than driving a regular truck.

4. Floor plan

We love having an RV this small with the bedroom area lofted above the driver’s seat. Some people may not love this sleeping arrangement, but it uses space more efficiently, giving more space in the rest of the home and living area. It can also give the sense of having two separate rooms in such a small living space.

5. Better gas mileage than larger RVs

RVs are notorious for low numbers in how many miles per gallon they can get. We chose a Class C RV because of its efficiency on gas compared to a Class A RV or bus. We normally get about 12-14 mpg and, although that is a low number compared to most cars, it’s a great number for an RV or a moving home!

There are pros and cons to every style and size of RV, so it’s all about figuring out what is best suited for you and your family. At the end of the day, it’s not about how big or small your RV is, it’s about where it can take you!

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