RV resort camping

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When your parents think of life at the campground, they might think of roughing it in the woodlands. However, today’s premier RV resorts look nothing like your grandparents’ campgrounds. From action-packed water parks to swanky spas, RV resorts take camping to a whole different level.

As a new generation of families has taken to the roads with RVs in tow, today’s campgrounds are responding with a new generation of amenities. Park owners are upgrading existing parks or building over-the-top resorts from scratch. What does it take to earn the title of resort? Plush campsites, extra amenities and activities, and a higher level of service.

RV resort campsites

As you might expect, RV resorts don’t serve up run-of-the-mill basic campsites. Instead, you can park your rig in posh surroundings. Concrete pads and manicured landscaping replace grassy campsites and scruffy foliage. Plush patio furniture and stone fire pits replace simple wooden picnic tables and fire rings. Overhead, you won’t find scraggly tree branches. Instead, you might find a deluxe cabana, perfect for relaxation at the campsite.

RV resort amenities and activities

If you can dream it, you can find it. Today’s RV resorts offer an amazing array of amenities and activities. Families will love the campgrounds with waterslides, deluxe pools, and bike parks. Adults will appreciate stocked fishing ponds, sublime spas, and full golf courses. In addition to the host of amenities, RV resorts often employ recreation directors who plan a slate of activities. Adults might enjoy everything from morning yoga to cooking classes to wine tastings, while kids’ activities might rival the best summer camps. RV resorts might even cater to the needs of your pets.

Sublime service

RV resorts offer a level of service not found at many other campgrounds. Expect to find exceptional campground hosts and attendants. Fresh-baked cookies might await you at check-in. You might find professional assistance parking your rig, trash pickup at your campsite, and park workers who can help with your every need. Some resorts even offer concierge services, such as luxury excursion bookings, theater tickets, and more.

Going gourmet at an RV resort

When you think of the food available on-site at most RV parks, chances are snack shacks and ice cream shops come to mind. Increasingly, campgrounds are offering items like pizza delivery and pancake breakfasts. While these might meet your basic family needs, RV resorts like to amp it up. You might find community dinners serving high-end meals, coffee shops that use locally roasted beans for crafty creations, and splurge-worthy restaurants that will appeal to even the most discriminating palettes. 

Kid-centered versus adult-centered resorts

Some RV resorts roll out the red carpet for families, offering kid-centric activities and amenities. But what if you aren’t traveling with kids? Don’t worry, there are RV resorts made just for you. Some luxury resorts are for adults only, meaning you cannot even bring the kids. You might forget you’re at a campground when you gather on a sun deck with an ocean view, sampling farm-to-table cuisine and local brews.

Considering the cost of an RV resort

RV resorts do cost more per night than your average RV park. If you don’t plan to spend much time on-site, a resort might not be worth the cost for you. However, many families consider the resort experience part of their vacation, making it well worth the extra expense. Consider the cost of an RV resort in comparison to a well-appointed hotel since the service and amenities are more on par with a hotel than a rustic campground.

Things to note before booking your resort campsite

If all of this sounds appealing, you might be ready to book a stay at an RV resort for your next vacation. If so, keep these things in mind. First, some luxury RV resorts only allow certain types of rigs. Check online before you book to make sure RVs of your age and style are accepted. Second, RV resorts may be incredibly popular, so book early!

RV resorts are a growing trend, one that’s likely to continue as more and more people hear about these lavish camping accommodations. You can park your rig at an RV resort and spend your whole vacation on-site, luxuriating in the service, amenities, and activities. Who says camping has to include roughing it? Those who have experienced an RV resort know better.

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