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There are plethora of different RV styles to choose from, and the built-in amenities and accessories can vary depending on the year, make, model, and priceDespite the many differences in each RV, there are also many accessories every RV owner should keep inside their rig. 

This list of RV accessories can be used by the weekend warrior, full-time RVer, or even someone just renting a RV for a family vacation.  These accessories are made to make your life on the road and at the campsite safe, convenient, and easy!

Leveling blocks

A lot of the newer RVs and motorhomes are made with jacks and push-of-a-button conveniences to level out your RV, but you can never go wrong with carrying a small pack of leveling blocks with you. Use these blocks to fix uneven ground by stacking them on the ground and driving onto them in whichever way gets your rig leveled best. Whether youre in an established campground or off-the-grid, you never know what condition your campsite ground may be in. 

Water pressure nozzle

This attachment is often overlooked by new RV owners, but this tiny, inexpensive nozzle attaches to your water hose. When traveling to different campgrounds or sanitation stations, the water pressure at each fill-up will varyThis nozzle will protect your RV from fill-up stations with the water pressure turned up too high. When you run water into your RV, high water pressure can create leaks in the water lines and cause plumbing problems. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! 


This is more of a necessity than an accessory, and we recommend having more than oneYou’ll need a hose to fill your freshwater tank and another to clean and flush out your black tank. Carrying one hose to keep your tanks pristine and clean and another for flushing and cleaning out the black tankusually done with non-potable wateris a must for us. 

Water filter

This accessory can be added to your RV in two waysIn the first, a water filter adapter connects straight to your hose so water is filtered as it enters your freshwater tank. Alternatively, you can also buy an attachment that connects to your sink faucet (like you would in a normal home). Either way, if you’re planning on drinking out of your freshwater tank, a water filter is an important accessory to consider purchasing. * 

*Another alternative is buying separate portable water jugs to fill up in grocery stores or at water refill stations for fresh drinking water. (This is what we, @slowcarfasthome, do!) 

Surge protector

A surge protector will help protect your RV when you plug into a power source. So whether you’re plugging in at a new RV park or at a friend’s house (or really any power source), you can protect your RV from high voltage spikes and analyze the power source for the proper ground and neutral. 

Gray or black tank sewer hose support

This doesn’t sound like the most exciting RV accessory, but if you’re planning to camp at RV parks or campsites with full hookups, the majority of the time, this accessory is the best way to keep the waste hose in the proper position without kinks and dips. 

Portable battery jumper with built-in air compressor

A portable battery jumper should be on your listespecially one with a built-in air compressor. With all of the wild and desolate places you may find yourself in while exploring, the last thing you want is to wind up with a dead battery and no one around to give you a jump! The air compressor is, of course, an added bonus, especially if you plan on camping on sand. You’ll be able to let some air out of your tires and then fill them back up after you’re off the sand. You can’t really go wrong with something so useful! 

This list could go on and on, but these accessories should help you get out on the road. You’ll be thankful you added them to your precious and limited storage space! 

Happy traveling! 

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