Why are RV vacations so great for kids?

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Family vacations are super important for hardworking parents. But as important as family vacations are for mom and dad, they’re even more important for kids. We believe every family vacation offers children a chance for dramatic growth.

What type of vacation is best for kids? For our family, it’s an RV vacation. Every time. No contest. We take our three boys out for RV adventures as much as we possibly can for these four reasons:

1. New environments

Every campground is different—think mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches. After we unhitch, it takes our boys about an hour to get the lay of land. And it’s a joy to watch to watch them adjust. We can’t help but think this flexibility will serve them well later in life. Freshmen year of high school? No problem. Adjusting to life at college? No problem. Our boys don’t shy away from new environments—they conquer them.

2. Sociability

Our boys can be very shy, but something about a campground brings them to life socially. What is that “something?” We call it JOY. Campgrounds are incredibly happy places where everyone says hello. Our boys always make fast friends at the playground and the pool. They also get friendly with other adults and the campground staff. Got camp store ice cream? Then you are a friend for life.

3. Physical activity

When our boys step out of the RV in the morning, they are immediately outside. In nature. In the great outdoors. Compare this to stepping outside of a hotel or motel room and ending up in a hallway or a parking lot. At a campground the physical activity starts right away. Want to go for a hike? A swim? A bike ride? A kayak tour? Let’s go. And if your kids are like ours they won’t stop going until their heads hit the pillows at night.

4. Stronger family bonds

Most importantly, taking your kids on an RV vacation will help build a stronger family unit. Sharing a smaller, simpler space and time together outdoors makes your family function less like a collection of individuals and more like a team. By the end of each day your family will be ready to unwind and share stories around a crackling campfire. The only question is, who’s going to make the s’mores?

So why not go ahead and try an RV vacation? We bet the only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t try it sooner.

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