Jessica Donelson

Jessica Donelson is a contributor to Life Lanes. She is also part of Progressives’ in house agency 96 Octane.
4 unusual car-cleaning hacks
My first car was a cream 1990 Ford Bronco II. It was 12 years old and certainly not a ...
Green table with a plant between pink chair and blue sofa in floral living room with wallpaper and poster
5 ways to modify a temporary space
As a longtime apartment dweller I know all too well the struggle to turn a blah space into ...
Creating a gorgeous guest room on a budget
My husband and I purchased our first home two years ago—a lovely four-bedroom Cape Cod ...
bed with tray
3 home furnishings that stand up to messes
Let’s face it—life is messy! I wish it wasn’t so, but I’m prone to knocking things ...
two dogs
3 steps to introducing dogs
My husband and I have two large dogs, Charlie and Ellie, who are night and day in ...
How to take your dog everywhere with you
If you are like me, you look for every opportunity to take your dog with you anywhere. ...
Packing boxes close-up
4 moving expenses to budget for
In my early post college days I moved to a new apartment almost every year. Each time I ...
A wildfire in forest due to continuous dry weather in summe
Wildfire safety tips
Wildfires can occur at any time, but usually there’s a greater risk during dry conditions. ...
severe weather safety sources
Top sources for severe weather
In today’s information age, staying informed is as easy as ever. But, in the event of ...
strawberry shortcake s'more
6 ultimate campground s’mores
The first s’more recipe was published in the 1920’s, and the gooey treat has ...
Pink Paint Brush on Bright Pink Painted shiplap
Top 3 things to expect during a home remodel…
My husband and I were in love with our home the moment we stepped through the front door ...
two people talking through car windshield
New car: Lease vs. buy?
There is nothing quite like the feeling of a driving a new car off the lot. Whether your ...
My car was damaged in a storm, what now?
I was sitting in my house when I heard the unmistakable sounds of hail: the thud of dense ...
moving boxes in dining room
How to make your next move as easy as possible
Whether you are renting or buying, getting a new place is exciting and full of ...
Tornado safety while driving
It’s a scary scenario. You’re driving down the road and suddenly you spot a tornado. When ...
doilie on pale pink background
5 things I learned about planning a wedding
My engagement was very sweet. My fiancé proposed during our annual trip to the Christmas ...
erscrowed homeowners insurance
4 myths about escrowed homeowners insurance
Whether it has been years or months since you bought your home, you are sure to remember ...
bringing home a rescue dog
Tips for bringing a rescue dog home
Her name was Chevy, and she was the ugliest dog I had ever seen. Her fur was practically ...
Babes ride out
Babes Ride Out; Women’s motorcycle weekend
Progressive is sponsoring Babes Ride Out a women’s only motorcycle camping weekend in a ...