RV Family Travel Atlas

Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi are the founders of the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast and website. They spend over 40 nights a year in their RV traveling with their three young sons.
truck towing RV
RV storage damage prevention tips
No matter how much you love RVing, there is a good chance your RV will spend more time ...
10 tips for safe RVing
When prepping for an RV trip, we spend a lot of time dreaming about the destination, ...
RV campsite by the water
How to choose an RV campsite
Perhaps you’ve arrived at the perfect campground only to find it nearly impossible to park ...
RV campsite set-up
7 steps for setting up a RV campsite
Well, you bought your first RV, made reservations, and arrived safe and sound at the ...
RV campsite
Gaining confidence as a RV newbie
Are you feeling anxiety about becoming a new RV owner? Or about taking your first trip to ...
RV accessory necessities
Soon after purchasing your first RV, you may find yourself wandering the aisles of an ...
RV maintenance while traveling
After all of the prepping to hit the road, once we are zooming down the highway, thoughts ...
basic RV toolkit
Building a basic RV toolkit
When you are hauling your home down the highway, you should also remember to take along ...
4 easy maintenance tasks for RV owners
Hitting the highway and exploring new destinations are part of the allure of owning an RV. ...
How to Winterize and Store Your RV
Many RV owners get depressed when they finally have to shut down their RVs for the season ...
family with dog rv
Tips for RV storage
If you are unpacking the RV from a vacation and won’t be using it for a stretch of ...
illustration of an RV on blue background
Tips for unpacking the RV
It’s our least favorite part of RV travel, but trips do have to come to an end and ...
camping gear and pots and pans
The right gear for your RV adventure
One of the best parts of owning an RV is being able to travel in a tiny version of your ...
rv to the grand canyon
8 steps to preparing for a safe RV adventure
Nothing is more exciting than hitting the road for that epic RV adventure you have been ...
RV campground at night with lights
Choosing a RV destination and campground
Along with RV ownership comes the daunting challenge of choosing where your next great ...
campground photography
6 tips for better campground photography
Campgrounds are great places for taking pictures of family and friends. Campers are ...
RVs for larger families
RVs for the larger family
If you are a family of four, most of the RV models out there will work just fine. Sure you ...
What’s in store for RV season 2017
Progressive sent us to the Hershey RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania to report on what is ...
RV appliances
5 appliances to stock in your RV
Stocking the RV can be a tricky process. On the one hand, we want to have all the comforts ...
RV tiny trailer
2017: A great year for the tiny trailer
The Hershey RV Show takes place every year in Hershey, Pennsylvania and is one of the ...
RV camping in cooler temperatures
RV camping in cooler temperatures
There is something extra special about camping during the fall and spring seasons when the ...
How To Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage
It’s never fun to call it quits on camping season. Some of us even experience what we call ...
RVing with dogs
Tips for RVing with dogs
This past winter we welcomed a sweet-natured Australian Cattle Dog named Maggie into our ...
RV Camping on the beach
RV Beach Camping 101
Preparing for a vacation in paradise
Great Smoky Mountains
Adventures in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Yellowstone and Yosemite may be more iconic, but with over 10 million visitors in 2015, ...
4 steps to a better cup of campground coffee
We love how the smell of coffee fills our RV in the morning. Because of the small space, ...
family RV trip
6 quick tips for weekend RV trips
The traditional two-week family vacation has virtually disappeared from the American ...
child sitting car seat
5 tips for road tripping with kids
It’s a common dilemma: You really want to drive your RV to an amazing bucket-list ...
organizing bags
5 simple tips for organizing the RV
Even people who love their RVs complain that it’s hard to stay organized while ...
Public vs. private campgrounds
America is filled with excellent options for camping. Some families swear by public ...
popup camper
Pros and cons of popup campers
Is a pop up camper right for your family? We bought one six years ago and joke that it was ...
RV destinations for the whole family
Do your family vacations sometimes feel like a whole lot of work? Has your family ever ...
RV grilling
RV grilling 101
Our RV travel trailer is practically a member of the family at this point, and even though ...
Why are RV vacations so great for kids?
Family vacations are super important for hardworking parents. But as important as family ...
RVing on any budget
One of our favorite things about traveling in an RV is that there are options for every ...
Fall fun at the campground
Autumn used to be a time when things got quiet around the campground. Kids were back in ...
Campfire cooking recipes
​3 classic campfire cooking recipes
Even though we’re a bit spoiled with the comforts of our RV, nothing makes us feel ...