Progressive Moto Club
Progressive Moto Club
Bold, adventurous, and willing to push the envelope. Yeah, these sound like you. And you ...
boat on the water
What causes boaters to curse like a sailor
As the temperatures heat up so does boating season. And whether you like to cruise around ...
Road to Firefly
Progressive and  GoRVing are heading to Firefly Music Festival. We are packing up the RV ...
Boat protection for hurricane season
Nothing quite compares to the feel of the cool spray hitting your face and arms on a hot ...
Staying safe during a hurricane
Living on the coast has its advantages, even if you don’t live walking distance to the ...
wedding transportation
Wedding planning
Your wedding to-do list: That wonderful yet daunting list which includes venue, flowers, ...
custom motorcycle painting
Custom motorcycle painting
There is an undeniable connection between motorcycles and art. And Revival Cycles is a ...
cat with a roomba
Holiday wish list for pet owners
If you have pets – this is your holiday wish list. As an owner of pets, and an avid ...
What to know about a powertrain warranty
Aspiring car owners have many things to consider before buying a vehicle. Between monthly ...
vehicle maintenance checklist
Vehicle maintenance checklist: 5 money-saving tips
Between 20-50 million people are hurt every year in a car accident. The sad reality is ...
used car mileage
What is good mileage for a used car?
There are many reasons why buying a used car rather than a new model is a wise choice. But ...
car warranties
5 things to know about car warranties
Are you considering buying a warranty on your new or used vehicle? According to Edmunds, ...
severe storm emergency kit
Severe storm supply kit
Conditions can change rapidly in a severe storm. That’s why it’s important to have an ...
headlight alignment
How to check your car’s headlights
A qualified technician should do the proper alignment of your headlights. However, if you ...
​Progressive international motorcycle shows
As title sponsor of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, we don’t do “booths and ...
Thanksgiving driving
Paving the road to safe Thanksgiving travels
If you have ever travelled for Thanksgiving then you know it is one of the busiest times ...
No escaping it…Eventually your parents rub off on you
how to change windshield wipers
How to change your windshield wipers
Before you go to an auto parts store to buy new wiper blades, watch this short video to ...
car jack
How to change a tire
Stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? No Roadside Assistance? No problem, ...
Flo’s Chop Shop is back … with a charitable mission. Over the past couple years, Flo’s ...
Progressive boat shows
Family fun, a chance to sharpen your boating skills … and save on your insurance. As ...
Your quarterly car-care checklist
When it comes to vehicle maintenance, be sure to check the following every three, six, ...
Hurricane prep tips for your car, boat or RV
Hurricane season is here—check out the following tips to keep you and your family, as well ...
Hail season stats
Hail season is here
Let us help you be prepared for the next storm that rolls in
how to check car fluids
Checking oil, brake and power steering fluids
When it comes to checking your car’s oil, brake and power steering fluids, take a ...
radiator coolant only
How to check coolant and windshield fluid
Baffled by all the fluid caps underneath your car’s hood? You’re not alone. ...
check tire pressure warning light
How to check your tire pressure
Keep the pressure up to keep your costs down—properly inflated tires can improve your gas ...
check tire tread depth gauge
How to check tire tread depth
Where are the wear bars? And what do they have to do with tire life and safety? Watch as ...
​Flo’s Chop Shop
Rally season is revving up. And Flo’s Chop Shop is waiting for you.
Cheers to the ridesharing economy
Are ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar helping us share the road more ...
distracted driving
How distracted are you behind the wheel?
Drivers today are overwhelmed by potential distractions. Whether you’re eating a ...
LumiLor helps motorcyclists get noticed
Motorcyclists care about two things above all: Safety, and making their bikes look ...
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Electric cars: The road ahead
grow a flo
Grow with the Flo
Cut the grass. Trim the shrubs. Plant a Flo silhouette. All in a day’s work for ...
Lit Motors
Innovation in transportation Lit Motors is transforming how we think of cars, car ...
Darkside Scientific
Innovation in light When Andy Zsinko’s buddy asked him to paint his motorcycle, he decided ...
Home green home
These days, we’re all thinking about ways to reduce our eco-footprint and improve the ...
From Model T to Tesla: The evolution of driving safety
From the introduction of safety glass to seatbelts to self-driving cars, we continue to ...
​The big road fix: L.A.
In a city notorious for its traffic, one doesn’t have to look far to find roadways in need ...
The big road fix: New York City
New York City may be the most walkable city in America, but when the ...
The big road fix: Columbus
In the latest episode of The Big Road Fix, we move from the coasts to the heartland to see ...
Shopping online auctions
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5 tips for shopping online auctions and classifieds
Craigslist, Ebay and other classified advertising websites help you find all kinds of ...
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Mindful driving: Are you really safe, or just lucky?
Ever arrive at your destination without remembering how you got there? It turns out that ...
keys to progress
Keys to Progress 2016
Sometimes a reliable set of wheels is all that stands between a veteran and his or her ...
More loyalty rewards for you
It’s our way of saying thanks! With the Loyalty Rewards program from Progressive, we ...
Ready, set, summer travel!
Homework, science projects and over-stuffed backpacks will soon give way to longer days ...
Hagerty’s top “X” 90s classics
Indulge in a little Generation X nostalgia with Hagerty’s top 10 classics from the ...
affordable classic convertibles
10 classic convertibles for under 10 grand
Think a classic convertible is out of your budget? Think again. Check out Hagerty’s ...
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​The lead foot report
With rear-end collisions making up the most common type of claim we see, we analyzed more ...
first mustang sold
The first Mustang ever sold went to …
… a 22-year-old school teacher? It’s true. Watch as Gail Wise tells our ...
car buying deal breakers
Deal breakers
A decade ago, new car buyers would visit a dealership an average of five times—kicking the ...
Seattle space needle
The big road fix: Seattle
Mega-road projects can bring mega-headaches. Just ask Seattle commuters. In our final ...