4 steps to a better cup of campground coffee

We love how the smell of coffee fills our RV in the morning. Because of the small space, the aroma seems stronger than at home—and since we are relaxing at the campground instead of rushing off to work, the coffee tastes even better. It wipes the sleep from our eyes and helps us welcome the promise of a new day.

Some RV owners drink second-rate coffee and use second-rate equipment when they travel in their rigs. Not us. We want our camping coffee to be as good, or better, than our brew at home, and we want the same for you. If you are looking to step up your camp coffee game, then here are four easy steps to a better cup. Viva La Coffee!

1. Buy freshly-roasted coffee

The quality and the freshness of coffee at a grocery store will not compare to that of a local coffee roaster. So if you have a favorite local spot, stock up before your next RV trip. Better yet, do a little research, find a great coffee shop on your travels, and buy a few bags there. You will sample the local culture and taste a unique roast at the same time. We have discovered fantastic local coffee roasters in towns from Maine to Florida.

2. Grind your own beans each morning

This is the most labor-intensive step to making a better cup of coffee, but it is also the most important because ground coffee begins to lose its flavor almost immediately. Skip the more fashionable and utilitarian hand grinder unless you want to end up drinking a single cup of coffee alone. Hand grinding takes way too long. Embrace the comfort and convenience of your RV and buy a small electric grinder for less than 30 bucks.You won’t regret it.

3. Ditch the percolator

This may be heresy to many coffee drinkers who grew up camping with percolators, but we think its time you ditch it, especially if you are spending money on good beans. Percolators may smell great while you are brewing but they produce a less flavorful cup. This is because the water can get too hot and over-extract the beans. Pretty much every other method works better. Let go of your percolator nostalgia and grab hold of a significantly better cup of Joe. We recommend a French press or the pour over method.

4. Keep your equipment clean

When traveling in your RV, it can be tempting to give your French press or pour over dripper a quick swish of hot water and call it a day. A cursory cleaning, though, leaves oily residues on your equipment that can easily spoil the taste of your favorite blend. Give your equipment a thorough rinse with hot water and soap. It is well worth the extra minute.

Our RVs take us to beautiful locations in comfort and style. If you are like us, you gave up your tent and sleeping bag a long time ago. Now it’s time to say goodbye to bad coffee. You’ll thank us in the morning.