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Breathe a little easier (literally) by taking it easy on the road

It’s common knowledge that what kind of car you drive affects the environment (hello hybrid, goodbye S.U.V.). But it turns out that HOW you drive has a pretty big effect, too. From flooring it to slamming on the brakes, aggressive driving produces more greenhouse gas emissions than steady driving—and at the metro level, those emissions can really add up.

Take a look at this infographic, produced by our friends at GOOD using Progressive Snapshot® data, and see how your activities on the road affect the air you breathe.

This piece was produced as part of Data for GOOD—an Apron Project collaboration. The Apron Project celebrates progress and the people who make it happen. This year, in partnership with the team at GOOD, we’re exploring how data and the power of information can be harnessed to make progress.