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Design in Color
For homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, color can be a daunting part of decorating a ...
How To Make Your First House Feel Like Home
Design prodigy Kyle Schuneman scatters rules to the wind and shares his tips for making a ...
7 Dreamy Ways to Display Florals At Home
A Tasteful Accent Whether you’re planning a massive redesign or just a little seasonal ...

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Home Decor: When to Buy and When to DIY
Sometimes it makes sense to DIY your home decor, while other times it’s best to buy. ...
5 Simple Ways to Update a Dated Space
Perhaps you’ve purchased a fixer upper, or maybe your home has just a few outdated ...
How To DIY With Your Spouse
It may seem tough to do home improvement with a spouse, but we have a few tips that can ...
Shop Your House for These DIY Hacks
Have you ever caught yourself pacing up and down the cleaning or craft supplies aisle ...
Remodeling After Water Damage: Tips From a Homeowner Who Did It
Learn the crucial steps and coping mechanisms that can help when flooding strikes your ...
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