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3 things to do before buying your first home
Buying a home continues to be one of the most important financial goals for a lot of ...
Home furnishings: When to splurge and when to save
Anyone can take a page of their favorite home retailer’s catalog and order every featured ...
Moving tips: Prep and pack like a pro
There are people who love cleaning and there are people who love yard work – admittedly, I ...
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Purchasing your first home: What to splurge and save on
You decided that homeownership is right for you. Congratulations! This is a major step in ...
entry room staircase
Are you and your partner ready for a space upgrade?
Imagine this scene – you’ve said your vows, eaten wedding cake, and toasted your ...
air filters
4 helpful tips for homeowners
Tips to help homeowners get jobs done around their home on their own. Learn how to install ...
credit score and house buying
What you need to know about your credit score before buying a home
Your credit score is one of the most important factors that home loan lenders consider ...
3 biggest financial regrets people have when buying a home and how to avoid them
Buying a home is something many people desire and it can certainly be well worth it. Not ...
modern bedroom design
Guest room 101
One of the best ways to make guests feel welcome is to carve out a lovely space for them ...
hands holding keys in front of two story brickhouse
3 things you need to consider before diving into homeownership
Do you dream of becoming a homeowner one day? You’re not alone. Homeownership is part of ...
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