Flo’s Family gets their own reality TV show

Apr 1st, 2016

You’ve seen them on your television, but only in 30-second bursts between your favorite shows. Those 30-second clips were enough to make crowds beg for more and to make producers wonder: does America … need more … Flo? The answer: of course!

So say goodbye to that last bit of free space on your DVR and hello to your new favorite show.

That’s right. Flo’s family just landed their own reality television series! While the creators are currently finalizing the number of episodes to air in season one, it’s rumored the show will be called “Flo’s Family: Behind the Glitter.”

Producers are already dishing some deets for people who can’t wait for season one.

“The new show will truly help all of Flo’s fans understand her background and how she grew into the insurance-loving brand lady that we all know and love,” says one inside source.

Producers also say Flo will really be more of a secondary character in a family full of them. We’re finally getting answers from Flo’s family members to the questions that their quick commercial cameos left lingering.

Will Flo’s sister Janice finally reach a bronzing plateau at the tanning salon? And what about Todd’s lady of mystery, his wife Marissa? Will we really find out if she actually exists?

And of course, the one BIG question we’ve all been wondering: will Grandpa finally win his battle with the meat sweats?

Stay tuned, Flo fam-atics. This will be one to watch.

“Flo’s Family: Behind the Glitter” will air twice an hour Monday thru Fridays on primetime cable networks. Check your local listings.

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