Grow with the Flo

Cut the grass. Trim the shrubs. Plant a Flo silhouette.

All in a day’s work for Progressive’s in-house landscaping pros.

Sure, they’re focused on tending to our everyday landscaping needs, but, like all Progressive people, innovation is in their DNA—even with plants:



Our green thumbs work tirelessly to keep our real-life Superstore grounds vibrant, healthy, sustainable … and fun. And they can help you, too.

If you’re looking to boost your home’s flower power, check out our master gardeners’ six tips for growing lasting blooms:

1. Light

Plant for the right light exposure. “Full sun” means six hours or more of direct sun. “Partial shade” is a half day of sun (morning sun and afternoon shade) or a filtered shade through high-branched trees. “Full shade” is no direct sun exposure.

2. Soil

Know your property’s soil make-up. Sandy soils may need organic matter incorporated like compost to help retain moisture and nutrients. Clay may need peat moss or compost to improve aeration and drainage. Soils with poor drainage can kill the roots.

3. Depth

Plant as deep as the container. If planted too deeply, crowns and roots may rot; if too shallow, they may dry out.

4. Fertilize

Plants need to eat! When using fertilizers, follow the label recommendations.

5. Water

Plants typically need one inch of water in a week. Water in the morning, and try to apply the water at the base of the plant to reduce the likelihood of fungus .


Mulch (no more than two inches) to conserve moisture and suppress weed growth.