Holiday wish list for pet owners

If you have pets – this is your holiday wish list.

As an owner of pets, and an avid rescuer and fairly often-foster mom, our house is a constant barrage of paw prints and fur tumbleweeds.

While I wouldn’t trade it for the world, there are a few things I’ve learned that makes living with dogs and cats much easier. So while you prep your wish list for the holiday season, keep a few things in mind.

Robot vacuum

Great for floors and its auto runs are extremely helpful for cutting down time and effort on my end in between deeper cleans. The takeaway here though, is a vacuum on every floor and at least one cordless option is key. The thing about a robot vacuum is that in my opinion, it can’t be your only vacuum.

Lingerie bag

Dog toys can get gross, but the strong options for our chewers are expensive! I’m not one to throw away a toy because of a missing ear or eye. However that toy box can be awfully stinky if you’ve kept your dog’s favorite bunny around for months. Using a lingerie bag to wash the soft toys (air dry) is an easy way to keep things clean.

Heavy duty shedding brush

This is everything. I’ve used a lot of brushes., and recommend the pricier versions are worth it. I could make a fur blanket out of the results of a good brush from my husky-mix! Tip: Be sure to get the size right brush for your dog, don’t try to go smaller for less money, it doesn’t work.

Catchall feeder

We have a bulldog mix; so the result of a drink of water from her is well…water everywhere. The catchall feeder is great for keeping my floors clean from kibble and slobber after a pup snack.


This was a game-changer for me. If you have a small dog in the winter and you live in a city that enjoys snow, you know getting a pup to go potty in the dead of winter is not easy. But if you’re like me, the idea of having pads throughout the house where someone pees and poops almost is enough to send you into a state of shock. So, take a tarp and lay it on a section of the yard prior to snow, when your small dog goes out to the bathroom, pull up the tarp and you’ll have a snow free place for them to do their business, outside!

So if your holiday season means buying, or asking for pet-friendly gifts consider this list for human and furry-friends alike.