Home green home

These days, we’re all thinking about ways to reduce our eco-footprint and improve the efficiency of our homes, from big ticket items like solar panels, to small ones, like programmable thermostats and CFL lightbulbs. But which “improvements” really make sense? Does where you live change the calculation? And how should we go about evaluating these things when we’re planning our next home improvement project?

In this infographic from our friends at GOOD, we’ll start to take a look at some of these issues and provide some food for thought the next time you’re standing in a big-box home improvement store.

This piece was produced as part of Data for GOOD—an Apron Project collaboration. The Apron Project celebrates progress and the people who make it happen. This year, in partnership with the team at GOOD, we’re exploring how data and the power of information can be harnessed to make progress.