4 moving expenses to budget for

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In my early post college days I moved to a new apartment almost every year. Each time I was drawn in by the allure of nicer amenities, cheaper rent, larger floor plan and/or better location.

While all that moving might seem extreme, it is very common among renters. I also learned a lot about what makes a smooth move and what doesn’t. The biggest thing I learned along the way was to budget for the move in advance.

Here are some things that make it into my line item move budget and why:

Professional movers

The first time I hired movers to move me I wanted to sing and dance with joy. The whole process felt effortless, easy, and efficient. They pros are also experts at packing a moving truck, which means no more playing tetris with your stuff to get it all in the back.

Pro tip: make sure your movers are insured and schedule your move at least a month in advance.

Quality packing supplies

Lower quality packing supplies can leave you wrestling with tape that only sticks to itself and nothing else, or boxes that are weak and won’t protect your belongings. And when it comes to moving getting your stuff to your new place in one piece is the most important part.

Pro tip: spring for the bubble


Who wants to spend hours cleaning and dusting a place they are leaving? More over this is usually the last thing that gets done in the moving process, so you are likely exhausted and either want to sleep or unpack. Save your strength and sanity and hire a cleaning company. Bringing in the pros can also help you get your deposit back, or make the next homeowners glad they decided to call your old place home.

Pro tip: Schedule the cleaners for later in the day or the very next day if you can.

Bigger truck

We tend to underestimate the amount of stuff we actually have. Who has not started packing and been surprised at how quickly they go through boxes? My rule of thumb is to use the moving truck company’s estimate of truck size and then go up one size. The other benefit of the larger truck is that it can help reduce trips.

Pro tip: it is both easier and faster to load everything at one end and unload it at the other.


Moving is far from my favorite thing, but budgeting for these four items has helped make the process smoother. And when it comes to moving anything that makes it easier is worth it!

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