5 simple ways to update a dated space

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Perhaps you’ve purchased a fixer upper, or maybe your home has justĀ a few outdated features that you’d like to update. The good news is that bringing your home into the current decade doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many things that you can do to modernize your space quickly and on a budget, and sometimes small updates make a big impact in the long run. It’s all in the details. Here are 5 ways to update a dated space without breaking the bank.

Swap out switch plates and outlets

If your home was built more than 10 years ago, then chances are it may have almond or chocolate brown-colored outlets and light switches. Changing them out for more modern white ones is an inexpensive fix, and relatively easy to do on your own. (Although if you don’t have experience with wiring, it’s probably best to consult an electrician.) It’s amazing how a small detail like new switch plates can really make a space feel updated.

White light switch plate

Paint your wood paneling

We’ve all seen that ubiquitous wood paneling from the 1960s and ’70s. While its modern-day counterpart, shiplap, is taking the design world by storm, the original style of vertical paneling can make a room feel outdated. Paint is an easy, inexpensive fix, and a quick way to freshen up a space and make it feel updated. You can’t go wrong with a nice, fresh white, but you can certainly play around with color too.

Replace light fixtures

Light fixtures are another feature that reflect the trends of the time period, so swapping them out for something more modern can instantly make your home feel more up to date. This is a simple fix that can be done in an afternoon, and is the perfect opportunity to bring your own custom design aesthetic into a space.

Modern gold and white chandelier

Paint or whitewash your dated brick fireplace

Red brick fireplace with firewood

A brick fireplace can really make a room feel dark and dated. Updating it with a light shade of paint or whitewashing it can brighten the room and make it feel more modern. To whitewash the brick, simply water down your paint for a more transparent finish, allowing the texture of the brick to show through.

Person painting a brick wall white

Paint your vinyl floor

Yes, you read that correctly. Paint your floor! If you have dated vinyl or linoleum flooring and no room in the budget to replace it, you can always paint it. There are specialty paints on the market specifically for patios, porches and floors. You can paint a solid color or have fun with a stenciled pattern or stripes. There are many possibilities! The good news is, you don’t have to live with that dated flooring in its current state.

While some of the above mentioned updates may be a short-term fix while you save up for more permanent renovations, the silver lining is that there are changes you can make right now to make your space feel more up to date while you save to turn your house into your dream home.



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