How to display florals at home

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Tasteful accent

Whether you’re planning a massive redesign or just a little seasonal sprucing, design is a game of levels. The way to win big is to know how to work on each one. And while the big decisions in design will always be important, often it’s the finishing touches that take a room from well-designed to unbelievable. Knowing how to add the right elements to an interior, no matter how big or small, can help you completely revitalize your space. And one of our favorite small elements to work with, that are so often overlooked when completing a room, are fresh flowers.

Flowers can do so many things in a room. They can add a bright pop of color or lend an air of elegance. They can add texture to a room or accentuate your existing color palette. They can offer big, dramatic height or be small and understated. And best of all, the aromatherapy benefits of fresh blooms can make choosing flowers for your home as much about setting your mood as it is about the mood of the room. Flowers can play just about any role you set for them in a room. And to help you make the most of your next trip to the florist, here are seven of the absolute dreamiest ways to use flowers in your home.

Flowers can turn just about any space in your home into a moment. So always be sure to use them where they’ll have the most impact. In this space, the central position of the table helps to make sure that all eyes are on this elegant arrangement. With an assortment of refreshments collected beneath the branches and blooms, this table is sure to give your guests a reason to smile.

Pop of color

Ask anyone what they love about flowers and chances are, “color,” will be one of the first answers you’ll hear. Whether bold and vibrant or pale and quiet, color will always be one of the most significant benefits that flowers can bring to a space. Bright, energetic arrangements like this are an excellent choice for adding excitement to a neutral space or pulling together the color palette of a room with a lot of different shades at play.

Like most color decisions, picking the right hue (or hues) for the flowers in your space is largely about how you feel, or how you want to feel. Color is emotional, so pick bright, exuberant blooms for rooms where you want to experience that color pop. In a room fit for relaxation, that calls for a softer touch, opt for lighter shades such as pale pinks, blues and yellows or neutral tones like white.

Dramatic moment

Sometimes it’s not just the flower, it’s what’s underneath that can make a beautiful display. While we traditionally think of plants and branches as minor touches in a room, there are a variety of larger options that can make a strong statement in a room all on their own. Fiddle-leaf figs and banana-leaf plants are some of the most popular choices for attention-grabbing foliage in modern decor. And branches can also be another great option. Available at the flower market, and local stores, everything from dogwood and magnolia blooms to pussy willows can make a big impact at home.

As we see in this dining area, an assortment of branches with blooms in white placed in a stylish, crystal vase is all that’s needed to elevate a simple tabletop. The green leaves play beautifully off of the dramatic purple drapes, allowing the white blossoms to be the pop of color between the strong shades in the room. Dramatic, yet understated, these flowering branches are the finishing touch that brings this vignette together.

Stunning centerpiece

The dining room is one of the spaces where we most expect to see flowers. When hosting a dinner party, or a family gathering, beautiful arrangements are the perfect finishing touch. The expectation is justified as the dining room is one of the best showcases for flowers to be found in the home. The key to a stunning table arrangement is this: create relationships between the colors in your floral arrangement and the colors of your table setting.

As many designers will attest to, pink is currently the shade of the moment, being hailed as the vanguard of a whole set of new neutral shades for interiors. In this dining room display, the color pink is the perfect complement to the black and white dinnerware and gold accents displayed on the table. A lively mix of green leaves adds to this natural display of color in the middle of a sea of neutrals and metallics.

In the end, this table setting is not complete with this stunning centerpiece that will literally take your guest’s breath away.

Kitchen herb garden

When it comes to plants, sometimes green is all you need, especially when you’re in the kitchen and there’s cooking to be done. True, that a hanging herb garden technically isn’t likely to include a lot of actual flowers. However it may if you include flowering herbs, such as Roman Chamomile and Ornamental Oregano. In any event, the advantage to your cooking may be worth the lack of blossoms.

In this space, the hanging herb pots make a great decorative and functional feature in this industrial kitchen. White pots filled with sprigs of green break up the hard edges of the exposed brick wall. Even more impressive, they offer a natural, organic contrast to the very industrial texture. A bright arrangement pink peonies on the bistro table accompanies the herbs while adding to the visual interest in the room.

Study in contrasts

One of the most advanced techniques in design is the use of contrast – playing with opposites to create layers of interaction between different elements in a room. The sophisticated look of this space is built on a number of contrasts, beginning with the mix of the wooden table with metal chairs. On the table itself however, the floral arrangements quickly steal the show, largely through the use of more contrast. This single, large display of flowers is actually made up of several smaller arrangements. The romantic and cheerful colors of the table are a marked contrast to the neutral and decidedly moody cast of the rest of the space.

Having fun playing with contrast by bringing a mix of light and dark elements home. Wood tables and dark furnishings can be immediately brightened with a floral arrangement as your finishing touch. Have dark room you want to liven up? A mix of bright blooms that create contrast can make all the difference.

Mix of shades

A closer look at the flowers on this dining table reveals some of the smaller floral arrangements in greater detail. This bouquet is a mix of different flower types, including peonies, ranunculus and carnations. This mix of light pinks, and dark, almost black purple florals, reveals textures and even stages of maturity in the plant life.

When curating florals for your space, look for ways to combine different elements within a single arrangement. A selection of roses, can be beautiful on its own, as can peonies or branches. But to transform a room with flowers, a cool mix different colors as well as heights, sizes and types will create a layered look that’s absolutely dreamy.

However you decide to display florals in your home, make sure it is always protected with Progressive.

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