9 ways to make your kitchen ecofriendly

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This Potomac, Maryland, home needed a kitchen makeover, and because the owner is an environmental activist, it made sense for her kitchen remodel to be as green as possible. The kitchen also needed to be an organized place for hosting dinner parties, as well as a comfortable spot for weeknight meals and family time for three kids and two busy parents.

“This was one of the busiest kitchens I have ever been in,” says interior designer Emily Prugar of M House Designs. “We needed to be able to seat a lot of people without crowding her cooking space.”

Paint was key to Prugar’s and the homeowners’ goals. A new coat of VOC-free paint on the kitchen table legs, and voilà — a new kitchen table. She used the same tactic with the kitchen chairs and the walls. Other green choices included patronizing environmentally responsible wood companies, using salvaged antique windows and sourcing Energy Star appliances.

Read on for more of Prugar’s tips from this kitchen renovation.

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