4 Halloween candy safety tips for pets

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Costume parties, scary decorations, trick or treating, and candy! Halloween is an exciting time of the year for people of all ages. As much fun as it can be, and as adorable as pets are in costumes, all the easily accessible candy and sweet treats can present potential health issues for curious pets.

To ensure you, and your pet, have a happy and stress-free Halloween season, do your best to keep your pets away from the below.

1. Sugar-free candy and gum that contain xylitol, a sugar substitute. Xylitol is very dangerous for pets.

2. Milk-based products, such as hard caramels and ice cream, which can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems.

3. Chocolate, which as most pet parents know is very dangerous for dogs, but is also bad for cats.

4. Candy wrappers are a tempting treat for pets. Additionally, if a pet does sneak candy, they typically eat it whole, wrapper and all. Wrappers can cause internal blockages and irritation in pets.

(If you think your dog has eaten something he or she shouldn’t, call your local vet, an emergency clinic, or a Pet Helpline staffed by veterinary experts.)


Of course, none of this is to say that you need to completely avoid these treats yourself! But as a good proactive measure, it’s best to eat your Halloween treats when your pet isn’t around to be tempted by curiosity, and to keep treats stored out of your pet’s reach. And if you do want to give your pet a special Halloween treat, there are plenty of pet-safe options to choose from such as their favorite treat from the pet store.


We hope you have a happy howl-o-ween!



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