Which appliance finish should you choose

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Having trouble deciding what finish your appliances should be? Sometimes it may seem as though stainless steel is the only option designers ever use, but there are actually many options, all with their own uses for different design situations. To help you make the right choice to work with your cabinets, floors, lighting and more, here are the top five most popular appliance finishes and when you should use them.

When to choose stainless steel

Love it or leave it, stainless steel is certainly a popular appliance finish — and for many good reasons. As a metal in a midtone between light and dark, stainless steel is a safe-bet neutral option to match nearly any color palette. The material has a look of quality, and this often comes with a heftier price tag than other finishes, so whether the splurge is worthwhile is a matter of personal budget and priorities.
Although it’s hard to go wrong with this option, here are a few situations where stainless steel is an especially strong choice.

Contemporary Kitchen by Atelier BOOM TOWN

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