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There was a time, not too long ago, when every image you saw of every designed room, no matter where you saw it, had a bar cart.

These small, stylish yet functional accessories were the must-have item for any curated space. Expertly arranged with tumblers and accessories, they were the epitome of sophistication. Yet times have changed, and people are opting for a more relaxed feel at home. The bar carts of the early 2000s are out and something new is in—coffee and tea stations.

Speaking to a younger, more creative aesthetic that crosses boundaries to encompass artsy bohemians and tech startup entrepreneurs alike, a coffee and tea station is a great way to bring the vibe of your favorite coffee house home.

And while these stations may not be filled with fancy cordials and highball glasses, they can be designed to make an on-trend statement in any space.

Kitchen with blue cabinets

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Minimalist design

The best thing about a coffee station is that it doesn’t require all of the fuss or space of a bar cart. Bar carts are meant to attract attention, but with a coffee station, subtlety is key. It’s the shift from a design trend that tried to convey a sense of worldliness to a trend that tries to look like it’s not trying at all. Coffee and tea stations can be very unassuming.

This coffee and tea bar is a perfect example of keeping things low-key. A simple silver pot is at the ready. A teaspoon rests by its side, ready for those making their favorite morning drink. A Lazy Susan hosts a stash of favorite teas. Minimalist shelving offers an opportunity for dishware that can easily be swapped out. Bowls and pitchers can be exchanged for mugs.

This minimalist design keeps the station light, effortless, and tidy.

Coffee bar in kitchen

Photo credit: Chinasa Cooper

Barista-style machinery

For the serious coffee lover, a home coffee station is a chance to embrace your inner barista. Deck out your coffee station with a machine that commands the space.

Here, this stainless steel coffee machine is perfect for making a morning espresso. And it’s also right at home with the other metallic finishes in the space. With a unique look, it’s not only a great machine for adding foam to your hot drink, but it’s also an extra touch of style in the kitchen.

Coffee machine on kitchen counter

Photo credit: Genevieve Garruppo

Coffee with color

If you want to create an attention-grabbing coffee and tea station, one of the best ways to make it happen is with color. Small pops of color are always welcome additions to a room.

This coffee station makes the most of a small space with a number of big, colorful statements. A hot pink tray keeps the coffee machine, sugar dish, and creamer nice and neat. Mugs and saucers are also on hand for easy access. For an artistic addition, a bright blue bust fills out this primary-colored station.

Colorful coffee station

Photo credit: Chinasa Cooper

Built-in commissary

For high-traffic homes, accessibility is a must. In-home commissaries like the one seen here are a brilliant way to keep healthy drinks and snacks at the fingertips of family members and guests.

This station does a great job of blending the elements of the commissary with space on top for coffee and tea. The refrigerated section has expansive storage, making it ideal for keeping space in the refrigerator for everyone’s favorite milks and creamers. The complete bar has a hotel feel to it, making it a luxurious way to keep guests hydrated when they visit.

Coffee bar with stocked cooler

Photo credit: Ryan Garvin

If you’re planning on building a coffee or tea bar in your new home, make sure to always keep it protected with Progressive.

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