12 ways to decorate your new home on a budget

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Congratulations; you’re officially in your new home! Now what? Is it filled with boxes from your childhood? Hand-me-downs and cast-offs from family members? Or maybe you have nothing. Before deciding what to do next, remember these two things. 1. Your home should make you happy and be a reflection of you and what you love. 2. Take inventory of what you do have- if you don’t love it, donate/sell it. Can any of it be updated? You have a brand new slate so don’t feel like you have to fill your home with “stuff” just to fill it. Be strategic and decide what you do like, what you don’t like and what you envision your home to be. If anything doesn’t fit your vision, don’t put it out. Once you have evaluated where you are starting, it’s time to move forward with these 12 ways to decorate your new home on a budget.

1. Sign up for sale alerts/newsletters from online retailers. Commit to only buying items on discount, and stick to it; never make a purchase without searching an extra promotional code. Oftentimes, you can find additional free shipping/better offers

2. Focus on saving for priority pieces, rather than filling your home with a bunch of inexpensive knick-knacks

3. Customize furniture you have with paint and/or new hardware (These nightstands were inexpensive and had tiny black knobs. A simple, custom knob gives this piece a whole new look)


white bedside table

4. Yard sales are a mecca for mirrors, photo frames, and candle sticks. Don’t pay as much attention to color – you can easily paint them whatever color you prefer

5. Choose pretty, functional items that can also be displayed – bowls as catch-alls and vases, beverage/cake stands as soap dishes, etc.


vase of blue hydrangeas

6. Load up on baskets to wrangle, store, and display your belongings – for 11 ways to use baskets in your décor, click HERE 

white arm chair

7. Instead of dropping a lot of cash on a large piece of art, create your own gallery wall masterpiece. (The photo includes a black and white print from various personal travels – one simple landmark memory from each)

gallery wall photos

8. Display jewelry, perfume, and all the pretty personal items in your bedroom/bathroom

9. Use garden stools as side tables- they come in a variety of colors and patterns

10. Use green house plants – they are both inexpensive and long lasting (if cared for properly)

11. Search your yard and neighborhood for opportunities to clip flowers, branches, and other foliage for display

12. Print art online or purchase a pretty calendar and frame photo pages

Throughout the stages of your life, budgets will change but many of these can be applied whether you are limited to a strict budget. Be patient, don’t spend money you don’t have and make sure your expectations are realistic. Turning your house into a reflection of you is a journey and in resorting to your creative juices, you may just discover more about yourself and your style than you ever knew.

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